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Barbara Brotman, columnist of the Chicago Tribune wrote a column that featured one of the At My Pace contributors, Ellen Morton, and the choices she made to give up her career in writing and spend more time with her family while pursuing other work such as being an executive director of her synagogue and being a writing tutor for special-needs-college students.

Ms. Brotman quotes Jill Ebstein, "I felt like there was a need to expand the conversation because so many women were feeling marginalized or a little bit left out... You could be one of those people who has a much more winding path, one that starts and stops, yields and changes direction." She concludes with, "Ebstein hopes the book encourages women to stop judging one another or themselves. 'It's really about celebrating our choices because we're all different and that's good.'"

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Wouldn't we all like to figure out how we manage that delicate balance between work and life? It's not that easy. Check out some of the tips I gathered in an article published through NEHRA's Insights Magazine, titled "Expanding the Lean-In Conversation." The nuggets were gleaned from At My Pace and include discussion of the need for incremental changes, reality orientation, resilience and reinvention. The process rules, and the discovery eventually ensues.

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Jill Ebstein published a column describing the women in her life to whom the book is dedicated. The trail they blazed was an inspiration in combining work, family, community and life's passions. Rosyne and Roz, her mother and mother-in-law, have been able to enjoy the book and still offer wisdom. For more about these women, and what the book has meant to Jill, the link to is provided below.

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